Bangladesh/India Itinerary

— Dhaka 3 days, city sightseeing, easing it in, nightlife

— Teknaf 3 days, flight to cox’s, drive to teknaf, trekking, beaches, caving (not hardcore)

— Cox’s Bazaar 2 days, buddhist villages, more beaches, bring relief goods (e.g. books or writing materials) to a myanmar refugee camp (not kidding)

— Chittagong 3 days, not moving for a few days, nice restaurants, take it easy, while I scout all the damn hotels

— Srimongol 2 days, tea gardens, photography, colonial estate-hopping, forests, eco-lodges

— Sylhet 1 night, really short drop off here to check out a resort, before departing over the border to India at Dawkhi (aka Tamabil)

— India. 1 week. Yet to be decided! Depends on the severity of the monsoon. New area for Mikey. Likely Meghalaya for a few days with a flight to Kolkata to get you to Bangkok. Best hub and major city, maybe a club or two, a really nice hotel (I’ve heard the Hyatt is good) to finish the journey.

This is definitely no small task…


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