Convoluted visa application process!

My first impression of the websites for consular services in Canada for “third world” countries, is that they’re pretty chintzy and amateurish! Gives me pause as to whether I should be mailing my passport away (the sites don’t seem legit, but yes, they are). Also, the processes are never described clearly (even for a government website, it’s even worse than usual), and are really confusing. It’s shocking (to me anyway) that the people working (and running the websites) at consular offices in Canada have such poor English. When I applied for my first Chinese visa in 2005, someone from the Calgary Chinese consulate phoned and left an unintelligible message on my answering machine (I didn’t submit a proper application because the process wasn’t clear from their website).

Was about to mail in my passport to apply for my Indian visa in Ottawa (3-5 working days would get my passport back just in time) until after further internet googling, I’m supposed to send it to one of the offices in Vancouver since I live in Alberta! The Vancouver website says 10 working days, which isn’t going to be enough time for me to get my passport back!

Looks like I’ll be getting up early my first morning in Hong Kong to line up and get my Indian visa… grumble grumble…


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