Reason number 64 why I hate Air Canada…

Well, Air Canada lost my luggage again… When we reached Calgary, we were supposed to pick up our bags to clear US customs, but nope, my bag was nowhere to be found (Nolan’s was fine). To add insult to injury, since Air Canada no longer serves meals on flights within North America, we had picked up some greasy burgers at the airport Harveys… And yup, dribbled grease all over the only pair of pants in my possession.

Some good news though – when we arrived in Hong Kong at 6 AM, my bags were scheduled to arrive on a flight from Vancouver around 6:30 PM, same day. We couldn’t check into the hostel that early, so we figured we’d walk around Mong Kok for a few hours and check in around 1 PM. We kind of got a bit distracted and didn’t get back until 6 PM. Our day looked like this: walk, walk, walk; buy; step, step, step; spend. All the while stinking up Hong Kong. Nolan ordered a tailored suit and we both got new specs as well. When we got back, what was supposed to be a nap turned into sleeping until 3 AM. At which point, hey, gotta keep on sleeping.

We picked up a pretty interesting magazine in the Edmonton airport, which we read on the plane. It’s called Good Magazine, which had some feature articles on China. Some interesting tidbits:

– I’ve got the 9th most common last name in China. w00t!!

– IDEO offers Eyes Open guides on NY and London. On how to interpret a city rather than listing off the 6 best restaurants (a pet peeve of mine).

sustainable housing for less than $100K, complete with solar panels

– interesting portraits on different people, such as an Egyptian-American filmmaker Jehane Noujaim, and Van Jones, who has created a :black-green: movement – uniting traditionally disparate factions economically and environmentally

– 10 reasons why you shouldn’t fear China (from US perspective)

– article on Jia Zhang Ke, a banned Chinese director

– Orange County, China – an Americanized suburb outside Beijing, criticized by some to be unsustainable growth/lifestyle… A bit hypocritical in my view!

Anyway, I have to get going. We’re hoping to get some overnight train tickets to take us into Guilin tonight! Ciao!


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