Tuesday June 3, 2008 (backdated entry) – Yangshuo, China

Arrived into Yangshuo at 6 AM instead of 4:30 AM – actually a bit of a blessing that the road conditions were so bad, as I didn’t really relish arriving into a town in the middle of the morning. A few touts were out already, waiting for us when we got off the bus. One friendly guy tried to sell us on his place but I firmly said no, that we had a place reserved already (we did). He stalked us in his neon green compact car for several blocks, almost comically! He tried once again near our hotel, but we had the same answer for him.

After check in, we took a nap then wandered the town until we were sick of it. Treated ourselves to a Chinese massage, though I think I enjoy shiatsu massages more over the sometimes painful acupressure type Chinese massage. Returned to our room and prompty fell asleep at 6 PM (yet again!) and woke up at 3 AM (yet again!). I blame the massage, which made us realize how tired we were after that nightmarish bus ride. I was able to sleep most of the way, though not very well, as one Chinese woman would randomly yell something out intermittedly, waking us both up. Surprisingly, their baby was very quiet and well behaved!


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