In the Hong Kong Airport!

Thanks for the comments guys! Actually, Lila, I do have Cipro as well as the “strong” stuff for Cipro-resistant India, but I didn’t want to take it, seeing as I’d kill all the bacteria (good and bad) before heading into some *serious* tummy rumbling territory in Bangladesh and India. 

Unfortunately, getting sick threw another wrench into updating my blog, since Nolan and I wanted to make the most of the one day we had left (yesterday), with me being out of commission for a day and a half. I have to say, Nolan’s parents are pretty cool! You’ll have to ask me why in person, since it’s kind of hard to explain in a short paragraph, and with time ticking before me needing to be at the gate. (I can’t believe I’m going to be in Bangladesh in a few hours!)

This morning, Nolan left really early at 6:30 AM to catch his flight to Singapore. Today, I had a few things I wanted to get done: finish applying for my Indian visa in the morning and picking it up in the afternoon (thank God I didn’t leave it until the last minute since I screwed up); print off my e-ticket for Bangladesh (in a panic, this morning I realized I forgot to print it off!); buy a pair of cheap boxer shorts to sleep in (…explanation censored, but I think I need to sleep clothed!); get my haircut; and possibly get a facial or foot reflexology pampering.

Wasn’t able to get my haircut, as I got sidetracked passing a dermatology center. I splashed out and got some expensive treatments done. I figure, it’s much cheaper than getting the same treatments done in Canada, though much, much more expensive than the fantastic one I got in Saigon. After being sick, and now feeling still blah, I feel like my body needs a total working over from top to bottom! You know – haircut, facial, massage, foot reflexology, pedicure… Not that I did any of that in Canada 🙂 But it’s sooo much cheaper in Asia… Can’t I have this lifestyle all the time? 🙂

I have a funny story in the airport; after checking in, I went hunting for some English speaking backpackers to give away my Hong Kong guide to, instead of just throwing it away. I see two guys sitting by the boards with the train schedules, with a big map out. Backpacks on the ground, one embroidered with the HUGEST Canada flag badge I’ve ever seen 🙂 So I went over and offered them my book, explaining I was leaving. Apparently I saved their life, since they were pretty lost, and didn’t know where to stay even. I passed along my thumbs up for the Ah Shan hostel, and how to get there. In case you’re wondering, they were from Saskatchewan, backpacking for 2 months. Pretty neat. After I told them they looked like they might be able to use my guidebook, one guy commented, “Yeah, you probably saw us and thought, ‘those 2 guys don’t know what they’re doing!'” Haha! Glad my “good deed” worked out so well. I had anticipated people would look at me with suspicion, and wonder, “Why, what’s wrong with it? What are you trying to sell me?” Actually, that reminds me of a story involving Nolan and a local in Dazhai, but I’ll have to blog about it later since I have a plane to catch!


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