Sunday June 8, 2008 (backdated entry) – a “nothing much” travel day in Guilin, China

Staying at the Look Sunrise Inn, Nolan had nightmares both nights. The first night, of us getting on the wrong buses and getting lost. The second, was of him trying to leave our room, but people were in the hallway, and wouldn’t let him pass unless he could figure out what they were saying. I thought it was strange that he was so worried and troubled by not knowing or understanding the situation (“being lost”). Whereas he thought I was the weird one for not being fazed by it at all.

Today was a sort of nothing “travel” day. Rained as we left Dazhai. Rained in Guilin when we arrived. The taxi in the queue said, “bu yao!” (didn’t want) our fare when I asked if he’d go the 2 km up the road. Another taxi in the queue offered, “For 30 Y”. Forget that. We hailed one from the street, cost 8 Y.

Our welcome back meal in Guilin was KFC – they’re all over China, even one in Yangshuo – a meal where we didn’t have to nibble carefully over chicken or fish bones and just chow down. Of course, I didn’t feel so good after chowing down there (all that grease). Then chilled out in an internet cafe before our overnight train. At the train station, we recognized one girl who had also stayed at the Look Sunrise Inn (the second night), but she didn’t seem to notice or recognize us strangely – maybe all white people look the same?


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