Very, very, very, very hot

This morning we went on a walk through Old Dhaka. The day started out nice and cool, and I was dressed in my new salwaar kameez top, long loose pants, and shawl, since the old city is on the conservative side. Saw the city’s first mosque, where our guide explained some of the history and details, and the rest of us were huddled around. I wanted to laugh out loud when men and boys who were passing by would wonder what was going on, and stop to stare, slowly drawing a small crowd, bottlenecking the street. This would happen every time we stopped as a group – our group would draw in a small crowd of curious looky-loos.

At the end of the walk, I glanced down at my shirt and realized that it was just about completely soaked in sweat, minus about 4″ at the bottom! Thank god I had that shawl covering my upper half, since my shirt was just about see-thru! I’ve been to very hot places before (the scorching, dry heat of Cambodia, as well as Hong Kong’s wall of humidity and heat spewing from buses and air conditioners) but nothing like this. It is just very, very, very, very hot. It’s so hot I can’t even think to put it into better words.

Just taking a siesta before dinner and drinks tonight. Tomorrow Mikey and I fly to Cox’s Bazaar!


As a side note, every time I finish writing a blog entry and step away, I think, oops, I forgot to mention this! Oops, I forgot to mention that!

On the flight in to Bangladesh on Dragonair, I was browsing the in-flight magazine. There was an article on Dhaka, and I thought, hey, I’m going there! Flip to the article. “By Mikey Leung” – hey, I know that guy! Not only do I know him, but I’m going to be travelling with him! Pretty cool, huh


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