Heading to India tomorrow

Just in Sylhet, in a fancy-schmancy hotel, heading for the India border tomorrow. Nice to have constant power after roughing it in an eco-cottage (though beautiful and secluded, with a stream behind our own bamboo hut in a lime grove) for a few days. We hiked in a national park and saw primates in the wild!

I can’t believe 2 weeks in Bangladesh have passed so quickly!! There’s so much I could write about, yet I also hardly feel qualified or articulate enough to write about some of the things I’ve seen. We visited a Myanmar refugee camp, as part of one of Mikey’s journalism assignments. Visited the Chittagong Hill Tracts, which is kind of against Canadian consulate advice, though we (Mikey, Bel, and myself) each had our own personal police escort(!). But the village we visited there was one of the highlights of the trip – I’ll have to write more about it later.

Every time we go back into the cities, I think, no one would live in the city unless they had to. The constant begging, pollution, noise, stench of garbage and sewage, coupled with the heat and humidity wear me down physically and mentally – even from just walking a few blocks. Sometimes the heat and humidity (in both the cities and countryside) are so brutal, that sitting perfectly still, in the shade or indoors, sweat will be just pouring off my entire face. I’m drinking 3L of water a day and showering twice a day, but most importantly, staying healthy.

Right now I’m reading Bangladesh: Reflections on the Water, which is an extremely insightful, and well written book on Bangladesh. Also, a plug for Mikey’s guide, which will be published by Bradt Travel Guide in 2009. His website is joybangla.info, check it out!


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