Plans to visit Preah Vihear, a place I’ve been dreaming of for years, are dashed for the time being… Starting June 24, 2008 the Cambodian border is closed AGAIN to Thailand at Preah Vihear. So unless I want to make it through Cambodia another way, and brave the terrible roads, made bad by the monsoon, to reach Preah Vihear from the Cambodia side, it isn’t going to happen this trip.

Also, we were considering going to Hat Yai to visit the orphanage that Per donates to, and then onwards to Malaysia for some great diving. Not too sure yet whether it’s a good idea, due to the current security situation.

So far in Bangkok, I’ve been doing the lazy backpacker thing – indulging myself, drinking beer, shopping, eating and sleeping. But I don’t feel too guilty as my congestion morphed into a runny nose, and now, I’ve been battling a dry cough. Going to take it easy and try to recuperate.

India blogging will commence at a later date…


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