August already?!

Time flies when you’re having fun! Still on Pulau Perhentian Kecil in Malaysia until at least August 3 or 4. Then we plan on taking the bus back to Kuala Lumpur, where Per flies back to Bangkok to catch his flight home, and I think I will stay in Malaysia and travel onward to Singapore overland.

Internet here is really expensive, though I get half an hour free internet with my Advanced Dive course. Per got a bit of congestion so he hasn’t been able to dive for two days. Right now I’m waiting for him to finish his Open Water today, as he finally was able to equalize this morning, to do the last two of my Advaced Dives (Deep and Night dives).

Studying for my advanced PADI on the beach

I think I’ve been a bit spoiled by diving in Cozumel – the vis isn’t as good here, and there’s not as much marine life in comparison. However, yesterday’s Wreck dive was definitely cool and worth repeating! And only 65 Malaysian ringett (about $22) since I’m doing a course through this dive op, Matahari Divers.

As I mentioned, things are much more expensive in Malaysia than Thailand. First day on the island, looking for accomodation, I was shocked at how expensive rooms were, and how “little” you get for your money. And a lot of places were booked up too! First place we looked at, 45 RM ($9 Cdn), was pretty shitty, and a bit too depressing to stay in. Moving on, the next two places were full, the next was 370 RM ($120 Cdn)! Finally found a place at Moonlight, but they only had air con rooms for 90 RM ($30). Decided to take it, since it was one of the last few rooms. Toilet had no toilet seat and didn’t flush properly, you could see through the holes in the floor to outside, and it wasn’t the cleanest place, though clean enough. The lady-boy at reception was definitely entertaining and a fun host though. We politely asked the lady-boy receptionist to be moved to a fan room whenever one opened up, as it would only be 70 RM.

Bad move. I was wondering why there were so many cats on the island… After switching rooms, and returning from my dives for the day, I noticed my jar of peanuts fell on the floor and the lid was missing a piece. Also, my bag of cashews was nowhere to be found. Mice?! Lifted up the mattress and found mice and rat droppings!! And my bag of cashews as well as some other goodies from previous travellers that the rat carried under the bed.

After dinner, one of the cats followed us to our room, and I asked Per, the cat-hater, if we could bring her home? Initially he said no. Until he switched on the bathroom light and screamed. He saw a rat running up the wall into the next room’s bathroom. “GO GET THAT CAT!!!” I opened the door, picked up the cat and put her in our bathroom. She kept an eye out, looking around and waiting. A few minutes later, as we were chatting in the room, we hear a scurring of feet. A mouse ran under our bed frame, and eventually the cat emerged a few high pitched screams later with mouse in its mouth. EWWWWWWWW… So there are some things I’m more scared of than bugs.

Next day, I walked over to the other side of the island, Coral Bay, and checked us into a new luxury resort, 144 RM ($45) per night. It just opened up a few months ago, so they were offering the rooms at a huge discount, and with breakfast included. Pretty good when you consider breakfast would cost us about 25-30 RM every day anyway! No rats, no mice, no holes in the ground. A toilet with a toilet seat AND it flushes!! No way we’re moving now.

And now my time is up!


2 thoughts on “August already?!

  1. Hey! You made some hi pitch screaming to! And who was nervously standing on top of the bed??? =)

    Ok, I admit, I’m not that fond of either cats or rats. This cat though I like!


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