Lemon chicken, Malaysia edition

Back in Kuala Lumpur for another night or so. Per left yesterday night for Bangkok, so I’m travelling solo now.

As I mentioned, things are much more expensive in Malaysia than Thailand, though island visits for diving obviously make the money flow out faster. The food on the island was understandably bland and watered down for western tastes, but even on the mainland I’ve been sorely disappointed with Malaysian food. Although, yesterday night I went out to one of the hawker-style street restaurants and had a tasty meal of lemon chicken 🙂 Not sure if it’s considered Malaysian or Chinese, or maybe it’s Chinese Malaysian, or westernized Chinese Malaysian, but it was the best meal I’ve had here so far.

Lemon chicken

Street side restaurants

Man selling toys on a busy street corner

KL at night

So far there hasn’t been too much that’s grabbed me in Malaysia. Not nearly as exotic at India or China. Beaches are beautiful, but a week on Perhentian Kecil has been plenty. Looking for some travel inspiration, but most photos and writing I’ve browsed so far haven’t really moved me, aside from photos I’ve seen of East Malaysia. But, a plane ticket to East Malaysia isn’t really in the budget, and I’m thinking there must be something interesting to see in West Malaysia.

Tomorrow, I pick up my beautiful royal blue Cheong Sam that’s being altered at the tailors, and I’m thinking to head out of Kuala Lumpur, perhaps for Melaka, or to the surrounding areas of KL. Need to plan to be near a TV for the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics though!


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