From Singapore treat to Brisbane feet

So far I haven’t been doing too much in Brisbane… Just deciding what I want to do, and how long I want to stay. Things are so much more expensive here, and it’ll be easy to blow through a pile of money before I know it. Even trying to get by on a budget, and eating very lightly, I’m spending about $70 a day already.

First day here, just relaxed at my hostel mostly. Decided to check out the TV room. As soon as I walked in, the room, full of people, eerily quiet, stunk of feet 😦 I would have turned around and walked out if one girl didn’t ask the rest, “Futurama okay?” (Wanted to see what the fuss D-san made about Futurama.) Finally I saw an episode I hadn’t seen before (instead of seeing the same two unfunny episodes they show on TV), and it was amusing. As soon as it was over, left the room of feet. When I retired to my room that smelled fine earlier in the day, suddenly stunk of feet after my dormmates had settled in to sleep 😦

Yesterday went on a tour at the XXXX brewery. The tour group was made up of a large group from a local high school on a class trip, myself, and two girls from Korea. The tour itself was a bit boring and didn’t have much technical information which I was hoping for, though I learned a bit about the history. Included in our tour (except the students and teachers of course) was a sampler of four ales at the end. Chatted a bit with the Korean girls, who were students in Korea, aged 20 and 21. Me, dressed in my school-girl inspired outfit from Singapore (I’d describe my outfit as a cross between a minidress and overalls, in brown houndstooth wool), passed for younger than my almost 29 years to the Korean girls (yay!). They told me they don’t like Brisbane backpackers – “they don’t shower.” How true! I told them about the stinky feet I keep encountering.

After we parted ways, I couldn’t help but notice how many Korean students there are in Brisbane, and how segregated Brisbane seems. Returned to my hostel, where I ate half of my rationed Thai takeout in the crowded kitchen, between two girls who seemed rather more interested in their books than talking to other people (or to me? Maybe I take it too personally.). In the lounge area near reception, Asian travellers stick together, while most other backpackers seem rather unfriendly towards me, unless I speak to them first, but even then it seems to be a forced politeness. On the whole though, I find Australians really friendly!

Thinking about going up the coast to Townsville, where the SS Yongala wreck is. One place I checked online listed a package for two days of diving and three nights of accomodation at over $500. Ouch! Maybe should just bite the bullet. Though I did see some listings for casual work around, which would help defray the cost, definitely…

I feel a bit indecisive and wishy-washy right now. I can’t help but wonder that left to my own devices, I tend to be rather lazy and uninspired? I do feel a bit lost after having a lot of change in my life recently. And also haven’t had any good conversations in more than a week, aside from with my Singaporean friends. I miss having a travel buddy and roommate to have good discussions with, especialy one who doesn’t make the room smell like feet!

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