The plan for the next little while

Decided that I’ll stick around Australia for a few more weeks! Seems like such a waste to come all this way and not do any diving at the very least. Planning on departing Brisbane very soon for Cairns, which is a big backpacker town for those who want to see the Great Barrier Reef. Should be lots of jobs there right? Work for a short while, and save up enough money to go do some diving. At least that’s the plan.

Trying to be cheap, although it’s difficult at times. A tiny cup of coffee costs $3, even at McDonald’s! With the number of espresso bars in the city, I had to at least try a cup! My hostel is a bit pricey at $29.50/night, though all the rooms have its own ensuite bathroom. And because it’s on the pricey side, right now there’s only one other girl in my room of 6 beds. Mostly I’m just too lazy to cart the huge backpack I started out with, plus the stuff I accumulated during my travels, AND the stuff I shipped ahead of me to Australia. Plus, it’s raining right now 😦 Internet is “expensive”, at $4/hour, though I see it as a necessary expense. Also need to get set up with a local mobile number if I want to find work, and again, airtime is a bit expensive. I do realize I need to stop complaining about the price of things after Asia though and adapt already! Just trying to get one last vent out.

I mentioned that I’ve been eating lightly to try to save money – not starving myself, but trying to limit myself to small portions, similar to what I’ve been served in Asia (minus Singapore). A story about my cheapness: One of my dormmates, a French girl who was about to head back home soon, left me half a bottle of wine. I didn’t want it to go to waste, and since alcohol isn’t allowed in the hostel, had to go out for dinner at BYO place. Went to a nice Thai place, where the meal ended up costing a bit more than anticipated. Ordered a green curry, and then discovered rice was extra (of course). Went with the plain white rice since it was unlimited! When the free plate of shrimp chips came to the table, I jumped on it, devouring the whole plate minus two chips, as I didn’t want to seem like a pig! 🙂 Or a poor hungry backpacker. Ate half the curry with a huge plate of rice, and asked for more rice, which I mixed up with the rest of the curry to take back to the hostel for lunch the next day.

On the flip side of my cheapness, I almost bought a $320 leather bag for my laptop… Originally $1,000, seemed like a bargain, though in the end I bought a more reasonably priced leather bag, haggling $20 off the already reduced $199 sale price. Need to go back downtown, back into the temptation of expensive clothing and espressos, as I need internet, a local mobile number, and also some appropriate interview clothes for a casual type job. I realized that the only clothes I have are the baggy clothes I brought for travelling in, the suit I shipped ahead (a bit overkill unless going for an engineering job interview), and miniskirts and minishorts I bought in Singapore.


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