Quick update from Cairns

Well, I’ve been finding it hard to adjust after travelling in Asia – to the prices of things, to having to plan ahead, and also having the expectation of Australia to be exactly like Canada, yet shocked when they aren’t. I find it a bit backwards when the stores close so early! And the same makeup products are twice what they are in Canada! I’d pay $7-8 for a tube of Maybelline mascara back home, yet here it costs $17-18!

Have been stressing over costs, as I didn’t anticipate having to spend this much money when I got here. But, on the bright side, I got on as a volunteer host on a liveaboard dive boat! From September 4 to 8, I’ll be living on a boat, doing domestic duties on the boat, but having my accomodation, food, equipment rental and 2 dives per day all paid for! Just $25 for insurance was all I had to pay out of pocket. Normally I would pay $670 on a quad share for the priviledge! May be a bit physically challenging, with having to be on my feet all day, not stopping except to dive. And there’s the issue of my sea sickness… (Bought some med and praying that I’ll get used to the sea.) But will be an experience of a lifetime for sure!

I wanted to sign on for the “Taka”, which goes out further to some spectacular parts of the Great Barrier Reef, but I needed to have 20 logged dives. However, once I finish my stint on the OceanQuest (see link for photos!), then I’ll be able to sign on for the Taka! Assuming I do well, living on a boat…

In the meantime, trying to figure out a way to fill this week… Will update more later.


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