In Cape Tribulation

Booked myself a weekend trip at the spur of the moment up to Cape Tribulation. Went on a crocodile mangrove cruise, and a guided walk through the rainforest yesterday. The accomodation here at the Beach House is pretty nice – less than a dozen cabin houses spread out in the rainforest – and pretty much end of the road before 4WD vehicles are needed. No cell phone coverage here at all, just expensive internet.

This morning went horse back riding for the first time in my life! Rode through the rainforest then along the beach. We even got to gallop on them! Of course the horses are pretty good for total newbies, because when our guide said, “one, two, three!” before I even had a chance to dig my heels into my horse’s side, she started running. She knew exactly when to stop and when to turn.

Taking it easy tonight (have a coupon for a freee jug of beer!) before getting picked up tomorrow around noon, and going on another half-day tour on the way back to Cairns.


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