Photos of Bangladesh

Finally… Quite an amazing experience in Bangladesh, looking back on it!

Old Dhaka walk

A small crowd of extremely curious Bangladeshis would gather whenever our walking group would stop. I was laughing the whole time – just look at the dumbfounded expression on their faces.

Bangladeshis love having their photo taken

Cha vendor

Riverfront along Old Dhaka


This is how I usually dressed in the insane heat and humidity of Muslim Bangladesh. Looks nice but you can see the sweat pouring off my face.

Cox’s Bazaar – enjoying a coconut juice along the world’s (second) longest uninterrupted beach

Love how Bangladeshis would get so much joy out of running towards the water, fullly clothed, then run back screaming when the tide came in.

As I mentioned before, had mixed feelings about photographing inside the Myanmar refugee camp near Teknaf. I do wish now I had taken more photos.

Kids, full of hope and oblivious to life outside the slum.


Horrible living conditions inside the slum. This was a section that was less dense, and doesn’t really give you a complete picture as to how densely populated the area is.

The new camp – much improved

Stayed at the Elephant Sanctuary Eco-cottage, a nice, but simple place. Farmer working in the fields nearby.

Rain, rain and more rain – it was monsoon season after all

I loved how the rickshaw wallahs wore plastic bags on their heads to keep the rain out of their eyes. Their heads must be sweltering! But whatever works!

Rickshaw art

Minority villages were the highlight of my visit to Bangladesh

Particularly the village in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, only recently reopened for tourism after terrorist activity. The special performance put on for us, which made me feel quite honoured!

And of course, hosting wouldn’t be complete without a special feast! I thought the man was incredibly striking!

Srimongol, where we visited tea plantations! Stayed out in the countryside, where a tractor is the local bus

Trekked in a forest reserve, where we spotted primates in the wild

… and village day walks

5-layer tea… the best cup I’ve had in my life I would say!

Tea plantation workers


One thought on “Photos of Bangladesh

  1. seems like you’re building up a great store of memories while away.

    that tea looked awesome.

    do you ever get tired though? or are you still enjoying being away?

    take care of yourself.

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