Headed home!

Just finished my last meal – kangaroo steak! Bought marinated kangaroo steaks the grocery store and cooked them up, nice and medium-rare. Quite nice actually – I didn’t think I would enjoy it. A quiet last night in Brisbane, with a homecooked meal of kangaroo, and a copy of the Beach I just picked up, while loud music blared from the hostel bar 5 floors down.

The last week on OceanQuest has just blown by. The other volunteer hostie on board, a French guy, shattered the stereotype that French people are lazy. We were a pretty good team on board – we both worked very quickly, and both used air up underwater at the same rate. Got some special treatment onboard due to our hard work (and perhaps due to the dive supervisor having a crush on me). Pretty much was offered a job to stay on for another 6 months – which I would have loved! To get paid for what I was volunteering to do, and to have diving, meals and accomodation paid for? And to work with a fantastic and fun crew? Only I already had my tickets home and then onwards to Sweden.  So then I’ll be starting a new kind of journey, one that won’t have as nice weather, but will still be great nonetheless! Being in Australia has been a real ego booster, as somehow I have men literally worshipping my feet. (Could tell you some more stories if you’re interested – just ask me over a drink, as I won’t type them up here 😉 ) Rented an underwater digital camera, which I attempted to play with, though most of my photos are quite poor as I’m still not that good underwater. But I have just completed dive #43, and have spent a total of almost 30 hours underwater!

About to jump on the shuttle bus to the train station to the airport in a few minutes. Apparently I’m spending the night in the Singapore airport (11 hours!) and my travel agent didn’t mention it to me. But shouldn’t be a problem getting a hotel room at the airport, I think. It’s worth it to me to shell out a bit more money to get some decent rest, It’s going to take me 2 days or so to get back (8 hour flight + 11 hour layover in Singapore + 18 hour flight via Tokyo to LA + 7 hour layover in LA + flight to Calgary + last layover and leg to Edmonton… blech!).

I’ll see (some of you) soon! Maybe I’ll update some more from the Singapore airport with the free internet there as well!


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