Linköping in pictures

Finally took the camera out yesterday and took a few shots. I kind of hate taking photos because I stick out even more as a tourist. Especially because locals see these places everyday and don’t see what’s so special about it. Per couldn’t understand why I took photos of such “boring” and normal things like a shopping mall, but he just takes for granted that all towns and cities are this pretty! Like I said before, Linköping is quite pretty, and I think you’ll agree?

Ubiquitous bike racks

Typical shopping street in Linköping
Stora Torget, Linköping’s central square
Domkyrka church
Linköping public library
Many of the shops in central Linköping are housed in old, pretty buildings
Cyclist counter – 1,236 have passed so far today. Wonder how it works!


3 thoughts on “Linköping in pictures

  1. Funny that the locals probably do think that these are the “boring” places in Linköping. You guys should take a tour to Norrköping one day – it’s a prettier city… and not just because I’m a biased Norrköpingsbo! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the plug! 🙂 Are you still using that Canon point-and-shoot camera? That’s a nice depth-of-field shot you got out of it for that photo of the food lined up if it is.

    How do you know that a mushroom you pick isn’t poisonous? Apparently only a small percentage is actually edible.

    Yup yup, McDonald’s puts a greater strain on our ozone than our cars! I found out at the Tower of London that back in the 1500’s 1600’s that the commoner was considered lucky to feast on meat even once a year. Look how far we’ve come now that it is uncommon to go almost a day without meat for most people in North America.

  3. Naturally a trip is planned to the beautiful Norrköping! =) Of course Linköping is a nice city in some areas, but not the mall!? 😉

    Are the mushrooms edible? Different ways to find out;
    1. Eat and try, not often recomended
    2. Consult a book, boring but good way
    3. Consult your mom (or your boyfriends mom) with 60 years of experince of mushrooms, nature, cooking and everything there around. Very mush recomended! =)

    For me it’s more surprising how do you not know the most common edible mushrooms? They are out there with a great taste, without fertilizer or human interference, just waiting to be picked! You get a nice walk, fresh air and beautiful views at the same time. And all that for free!!! Why not use it?

    The shots from hytsill is taken with a Canon camera, but with me behind the lens of a 350D SLR. Glad u like it!

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