See you in a week!

I am so behind on my blog it’s not even funny!

And still, I’ll have even travels to blog about. This weekend we go to Stockholm! And about time – strange that I’ve been here for this long and still hadn’t visited, no? I had considered that since Per is studying for final exams, it would be good timing to go on a week long trip somewhere where Ryanair flies. Originally I wanted to go to Poland to soak up some history and see a bit of eastern Europe… But after weeks of grey weather and little sun, I booked myself a last minute ticket to Barcelona departing on Monday! 🙂

I think when (if?) I return to Sweden after returning to Canada, I’ll definitely buy a special lamp to combat SAD. I find it really affects my mood, being in a place with little daylight. It doesn’t snow very often in Linköping, and when it does, it only stays around for a few days. I actually enjoy the fact that Edmonton has bright sunny winter days, despite cold weather and snow – I think I prefer it over Vancouver for that reason. Last night it snowed in Linköping, so today feels much brighter and sunnier, at least!

I can now say that I’ve ridden a bike AS TRANSPORT into town several times (9 km one way), on loose gravel, in the rain, through the snow (very little snow), in the dark, in fog at night, and every combination thereof. I think I’ll even attempt to ride my bike to work and as transportation when I return to Edmonton! Surely I can find a route that is somewhat safe? (Not down the Yellowhead obviously.)

Now, I should ride my bike into town and take advantage of the sun while it’s out! It’s too easy to while away the daylight hours, only to realize by the time I want to leave the house, that the sun is setting or has already set 😦 See you in a week!

Nice day for a bike ride! (And I’m being completely serious here!)

Lots of Christmas decorations are up in town right now. Very pretty!

Swedish chefs made of marzipan in a store window


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