More misadventures in grocery shopping, and keeping busy

Today at the grocery store, I almost got charged $65 on what was supposed to cost $40! I happened to be watching the cashier ring in the items – which I don’t normally do – and I see “Chocolate milk $25” come up on the register, even though she was weighing peppers and I didn’t even have chocolate milk in my basket! (And I have no idea why chocolate milk would ever cost $25?) She got flustered and realized her mistake and reversed it. However, before I left, I made sure to double check my receipt. She double charged me for grapes during her moment of confusion! Of course I was able to get it corrected before leaving. Lesson learned – make sure you check your receipt when you go grocery shopping!

Another reason I like self-checkout (though I wasn’t in Superstore today, which has the option of self-checkout). Sweden’s system of self-check is a bit different and I didn’t dare try it in case I made a foreigner blunder.

Otherwise, I’m keeping pretty busy with art classes, like I said.

Because I don’t have much time to prepare meals during the first half the week, Sundays are spent cooking up a storm. I’ve picked up a Company’s Coming Healthy in a Hurry cookbook, which I’m extremely impressed with! Every meal has been a winner – tasty, and best of all, easy and quick to make.

Corn and Cod (actually Basa) Tacos

Sweet and Sour Chicken (made without ketchup!)

On Sundays I also make lots of food, and make something for the freezer, for those inevitable busy nights when I don’t have time to cook – much healthier and easier on my wallet. I’ve also made a “resolution” of sorts to eat two vegetarian meals per week to try to reduce my footprint on the planet.

Mushroom casserole – a faux risotto made with brown rice

And some art stuff.

Drew this before any of my art classes to kind of set a baseline for myself

1 minute gesture studies and 1 hour drawing in graphite pencil. The head is too small, probably due to me trying to “fit” it on the page when I was running out of space. Decided not to try to salvage it, since the head was drawn the best I think.
Ink drawings drawn with Q-tip. Not finished yet.
Series of 1-minute gesture studies, and a 20-minute “exercise” in class, drawing shadows only in conte. (This is why the figure is distorted) The model thought my drawing was beautiful – very flattering to me! I might have to retry the drawing since I was generally happy with the results.
Homework – an exercise in drawing shadows only, this time with a Sharpie permanent marker and a grey marker.

Experimenting at home with conte and pastels – my first foray into colour. I need to learn how to draw hair :S

I also did an attempt at a self portrait in pastels, but the results were too ugly to post. The eyes turned out good however. Will have to try again later. But so far I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made in only a few weeks! I went from making very slow and tentative lines in the first things I drew, to bold and fearless lines of gesture studies. Most days I feel quite confident in myself, and I believe that in time I could become quite good. Even if nothing comes of it, it’s not like it’s “wasted”, because I do enjoy it! Work is work, but my art classes give me something to look forward to, a reason and a purpose to wake up and to keep on going… Sounds corny I know.


7 thoughts on “More misadventures in grocery shopping, and keeping busy

  1. I hope you got that chocolate milk for free! Know anything about the scanning code of conduct? Some retailers display a sticker at the checkout about this. If they ring up something at the incorrect price (differing from the shelf price), they have to give it to you for free (the 1st one) if it’s less than $10. Otherwise, if it is more than $10, they have to deduct $10 from the price.

    I’ve shamelessly done it for the smallest margins of error. Ryan scored a good deal on a fan that way.

  2. I heard about it but didn’t know the exact details! Good to know!! The strange thing was, I didn’t have chocolate milk in my groceries – it came up when she keyed in the code for grapes or something!

  3. Hmmm… by the way. Grrrr…. Who is that absolutely beautiful girl you draw??? If I wasn’t with you I would surely give her a call. If I was gay I would surely give a call to the hunk 😉

  4. Hej! Wow, I never heard of just-shadow drawings but yours are really good! Was in art class one summer when I was in grades chool but I totally did not have the patience for drawing. My teacher just called me “Ms. express” because I tried to hurry the drawings in order to get home early. Haha! 🙂

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