Per’s first day

I have a pretty unbelievable story about how Per spent his first day (while I was at work)! He asked why I didn’t ride my bike to university(!!!) Like I ever would!! I said “the hill on the highway (Whitemud) to school is impossible!” So of course Per decided he would go run this impossible hill during a 1.5 hr run. Somewhere in the river valley, he saw 2 people standing on the trail, one woman holding 7 dogs on a leash. And one dog in the North Saskatchewan. The woman was on the phone trying to call for help while the man looked on doing nothing.

Per looked at the drowning dog in the river, assessed that the dog probably jumped into the water (as the ice didn’t look broken), and decided he was going to try to save it (!!!!). Thought in case he did fall in that he could use 2 sharp sticks to use as spikes on the snow/ice to pull himself out. He asked the 2 people – “do you have a screwdriver or a knife?” They looked blankly at him, and didn’t say anything. (I would have reacted the same way – like, what is this guy going on about?) He grabbed two tree branches and tried to break them into sharp points. Then crawled out onto the ice lying flat to the ground. Reached out a stick to the dog to try to get it to bite onto the stick, but the dog didn’t figure that out. So Per crawled even closer, grabbed him by the paw and pulled him out. The dog ran to safety, while Per tried to maneuver himself back safely to the bank. The woman was in complete shock. The dogs were pretty happy. Per felt awkward standing around so he continued on running. A few moments later, the man was running behind him, saying “That was awesome!!” Per just waved his hand as in to say, all in a day’s work.

Geez!!!! Not to take away from how amazing and incredible that was, but I’m really glad nothing bad happened to Per!

Then Per ran back home (2 hours total), had lunch, then biked out to MEC and toured the downtown area (another 4 hours). My bike is more of a “leisure” bike (i.e. used twice in the 3 years I’ve owned it and covered in dust) and isn’t fitted up with splash guards for actual commuting, so Per got pretty filthy. But now, Per installed splash guards so I can actually use it to ride to work… (Don’t have many excuses now not to.) And when I got home at the end of the day after my art class, he had prepared the Swedish cheesecake he brought all the way over the Atlantic along with fresh cream and strawberries. And had another surprise gift for me on top of the many presents he’s given me already! I’m getting completely spoiled.


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