Saturday night fun

Now that all my friends are in relationships, my Saturdays are starting to consist of reading or watching documentaries or opinion pieces about various issues in Canada, North America, or the world, followed by writing letters to politicians.

Yesterday night was spent watching a documentary Dewey posted, called “The World According to Monsanto”. I didn’t get very far because every 5 minutes I would pause the documentary. with different questions popping into my head, and want to look up an answer to it. I wrote a letter to a few MPs and our Prime Minister indicating my support for Bill C-353, which would ban Terminator Technology in Canada. I’ve also made the decision to eliminate, as much as possible, corn, soy, and canola from my diet, as they make up the majority of GMO crops in North America. Not only that, I’m sure my body will thank me, as they’re not exactly the food of champions. Cotton, another major GMO crop in North America, is a difficult one to eliminate from my wardrobe, though I would think most of my clothing isn’t North American produced anyway. (Link: How to avoid GMO foods in Canada.)

I am alarmed at how we’ve allowed ourselves to get to this point – the proliferation of low nutrition foods and money driven culture leading to our obesity and poor health, the irreversible pollution which is slowly poisoning and killing us, of letting corporations dictate our laws, and the general apathy of Canadians towards all of this. The more I read, the more pissed off I got.

The labelling of GMO (genetically modified organisms) in foods is mandatory in the European Union, Japan, Australia, New Zealand… and China?! (Side note: a bit skeptical about how effective China’s labelling is, given the amount of counterfeit products there.)  I wondered about GMO labelling in Canada, and found that a Bill was presented last year about mandatory GMO labelling, and guess what? My MP, all of Alberta (100% Conservative seats), and practically all of the Conservatives voted “No”. No?!? What do you mean “No”?!? I have a serious beef against “my” MP (that I didn’t vote for), and wonder what was his reasoning? (Aside from always voting with his Party…) Now I seriously want to question Laurie Hawn and find out why he voted the way he did. If he saw two identical foods in the grocery store, one labelled GMO and one not, which one would he purchase? I have an extremely difficult time seeing how anyone could think any differently than I do. I can’t fathom what runs through the minds of Conservatives. I want to – so that maybe there is some way to reason with them. But then my head blows up.

I don’t understand the apathy and even backlash held by Canadians to caring about anything outside of money, judging by even the people around me, who are more educated than the norm. Again, I repeat myself by agreeing with Dewey that social studies in school did a horrible job of making politics and the world seem relevant and interesting. But now, I feel extremely lacking in knowledge that I wish I knew more about. Is it a conspiracy – the dumbing down of Canadians? In some ways, I almost feel that it’s too late – I’m sure a huge proportion of my body is made up of plastics and chemicals, from the food we eat, the chemicals that we use, the water that we drink… But doing something feels a lot better than doing nothing.


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