Fashion round the world

Starting from my first international trip (to Japan in 2003), I became aware of how fashion differs country to country. TN made a spot on comment about our “bland, Canadian clothes” compared to Japanese girls. Being in the country awhile, you become used to what everyone around you is wearing, and your own tastes start to shift a bit due to your surroundings. By the end of our 3 weeks in Japan, I wanted to buy leg warmers, but didn’t, thankfully; returning home, I realized I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear them and would stick out like a sore thumb.

This happens to me on every trip. In Bangladesh, surrounded by a sea of pastel colours that look great against dark skin, I narrowly missed buying a salwaar kameez in a horrible “nurse scrubs” colour. Brought back super frilly clothing I bought and wore in Hong Kong, that at home I couldn’t get the guts to wear because I’d look like Sailor Moon. Sometimes my fashion taste changes and sticks with me, like loving the super short shorts I saw in Singapore on all the girls. I can’t think of a more flattering trend to adopt as an Asian girl with long-ish legs with not much boobage.

In Sweden I just couldn’t get on board with a lot of their fashion. Scarves are ubiquitous, on women AND  men, and in my opinion they look… Horrible. Not flattering at all. Emo and ridiculous.

Googling for images to show you what I mean, apparently I’m not “hip” because I guess it’s not unique to just Sweden, but also American celebrities, the UK, and elsewhere in Europe. However, I stand by avoiding fashion trends that do nothing to flatter the figure.

This is what the scarves look like:

The classic “emo” look that a lot of young Swedish people have:

I don’t understand how this is supposed to look good… On girls, it covers up your chest. On men, it’s not exactly masculine. It’s not particularly practical either as the fabric is thin and worn indoors (and I would guess worn in summer too).

I associate these neck scarves, or bandanas with pets! Seriously! I used to do this to my cat.

On pets, cute… On people, not so much.


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