Thoughts written while waiting in the Munich airport

Leaving grandma’s house on my way to my parents’ house, I suddenly imagined myself on the way to an exciting new life, only to be be struck and killed in a car accident on the way to the airport. “How tragic,” people would say. Why I imagined such a terrible scenerio – is that it just seems too good to be true. A few years ago I wouldn’t have believed someone if they said I would move to another country, study at one of the top industrial design universities there, and have a hunky, blonde Swedish boyfriend who cooks! I’m still nervous as to whether I have what it takes to succeed. And that there’ll be jobs for me, that I’ll be able to make a living. And for how long will I go without an income from this point on? People keep asking me those same questions that I dread trying to answer, because I don’t have an answer. But I’m not too worried. I’ll be tackling it day by day.


One thought on “Thoughts written while waiting in the Munich airport

  1. Haha…I sometimes get weird scenarios like that playing out in my mind.

    If ever you start to doubt that you have what it takes…remember you made it 4 for 4! And only after starting to draw again over such a short amount of time…Imagine how much better you’re going to be after studying! And you’ll learn so much from the people you’re studying with too. Best of luck!

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