Short update

So many wonderful things have happened, and my time pretty well spent up, that I haven’t had time to update. Sailing in the archipelago with Per, then in Umeå meeting so many people that I am in awe of, forming a little “clique” with a few classmates who I’ve been spending almost all my time with – all impressive, passionate, amazing people…I couldn’t imagine how different it would be if I had arrived and not met any of my classmates, how alone I could have felt instead.

Touring the school was surreal… The building is beautiful, situated beside the river with huge windows into our workroom. Our workroom! (Though when winter rolls around it could only be 4 hours of sunlight in a day.) I couldn’t believe what good luck I have to be here.

The residents of Umeå completely break the stereotype of “shy, reserved Swedes”, as I’ve met astoundingly friendly and outgoing people. I have NEVER met someone on the street (technically, a former design student, who happened to be in front of our school) who struck up a conversation with us and then joined for lunch. This is just one example of many moments that have felt so amazing.

I say this too often, but I will have to write more later since it’s after midnight now.


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