Proof that packaging design sells

I was searching for a cheap shampoo, and this one seemed like it would do the trick for me:

Per, on the other hand, picked this one:

First time I’ve seen a shampoo for Nordic hair types =)

Apologies for the lack of updates… Life should be returning back to normal now that I’ve submitted portfolios to most of the schools I planned to get into, and have got accepted into at least one school!


One thought on “Proof that packaging design sells

  1. So funny! Nordic hair care?? That is definitely a new one to me.

    Incidentally, I have purchased that same Garnier shampoo/conditioner at one point. One thing I hate about it…such that I won’t buy it again, has nothing to do with the performance of it. It’s the bottle! It’s so hard to open!

    That dark green dot on the bottom is the cap. I have long nails, which makes it difficult to open. I have to grab onto a very slight edge of that green dot with my fingernails. And it takes a lot force, through my nails. Sometimes the edge of the cap will slide under my nail, and it’s actually kind of painful to have that digging into my nail bed. And of course, this is in the shower so the bottle is also slippery.

    The Schwarzkopf looks like a dream to open! 🙂

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