10 things for 2010

I came up with a list of 10 things I wish to accomplish in 2010… And after doing an education in design, I thought it would be fantastic to visualize these goals, and have it hanging in my room as not only decoration, but to provide inspiration when I look at it.The list of goals has changed slightly from when I made it until now, but some of the images I really love.

What the images represent:

1. Buddha painting. I want to learn to paint. I fell in love with a painting of a Buddha face while travelling in Vietnam in 2008. By western standards it was far cheaper than I could paint it myself, but by Vietnamese standards it was a fortune at $70US. I didn’t buy it, because I ran into problems with my credit card not working. As well, it was at the time I was selling my house, and didn’t know where I would put it without a home of my own. As well, I promised myself I would go back to Vietnam to finally buy the painting. I still want to return, but now I’ve enough confidence that I can learn to paint on my own, for my own enjoyment and accomplishment.

2. Car rendering. I need to acquire and learn how to use a tablet to render in photoshop! I need not be intimidated… This year, from the students at my school, I would have believed that design  was all about  pretty pictures. Although, in the past few weeks, I realize design is a lot more… Including gaining new perspectives, reading books, having new experiences and just partaking in life in general. But one of the things holding me back is my ability to express myself visually.

3. Norway. (Photo nicked from Ryan C, hope he doesn’t mind!) I want to hike in Norway this summer! I think it must be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

4. Egon Shiele painting. Over a year ago, I discovered and fell in love with Egon Shiele’s paintings. Ever since, I have been longing to visit a museum to see his work in person. I made one attempt in Stockholm last year, but after I had paid the admission, it turns out that the section of the museum where it was housed was now the archival area. 😦 So this year, I want to head straight to the source, Vienna! A week of museums, indulging in Egon Shiele, Gustav Klimt, and the secessionists!

5. Sweden. I want to hike a part of Kungsleden, hut to hut, during the midnight sun! Should be easy enough for me to complete, with just enough to challenge me. But to do this, I need to get into better physical shape. Plans to hike in Sweden and Norway (and Tibet?) will give me motivation to train consistently.

6. Tibet. A last minute addition. My Singaporean friends have invited me to travel with them in June to Tibet! Assuming my permits are approved… An experience of a lifetime.

7. Indian food. I love India. But I won’t be going there this year. But I can learn to cook. And it would help me expand my repetoire beyond chicken and pasta. And to try eating more meat-free dishes, and incorporate more variety into my diet.

8. Me in Cambodia, December 2008. This picture means a lot to me. It was a time in my life when I felt really good about myself and really happy. Proud that I ventured beyond my comfort zone and travelled solo by myself outside Canada, to a country that I had dreamed about for years. Proof that if I wanted something badly enough, I could make it happen. I learned to trust myself, and to get through tough situations, but also to let go.

9. Marjorie Newlin. Despite her age, she started pumping iron at 72. Surely I can improve my physical fitness this year.

10. Jacob Holdt. I was extremely moved and inspired by his photo exhibition that I saw in Copenhagen during Christmas. (I recommend everyone to check out his website.) The people I admire in my life are people have the same things in common – intelligence, curiosity, the ability to connect with people, through their genuine concern for others. If everyone was a little more like this, the world would be a better place.


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