update from Taiwan

So much has happened since my last “real” update back in January! I’m in Taiwan at the moment, vegging, updating my online presence, surfing the net, researching for and planning Per’s and my trip to China next month, and mulling over my final thesis project work for next year… (scary!)

Design/school/careerwise I’m very happy! I asked (to no one in particular, just outloud, or at least inside my head) for more meaningful projects with great companies, that would push me to the next level, and I couldn’t have asked for more! I promised myself I wouldn’t work myself to the ground like I had last year in Umeå ever again, but I came pretty close. However, it’s rewarding that companies have expressed interest in my work, which makes me feel that all the hard work is paying off! I came close to, but didn’t manage to secure an internship this summer. Still, it feels good.

I had given myself a few days off and travelled to Vienna over Easter holiday. Initially I felt so guilty for taking time off when I could have been working on a project. But I was so glad I went. I had been longing to see Egon Schiele’s work in person for some time, and it was good timing for a visit as there was a special exhibit featuring Schiele!

I can’t get enough of seeing his work – I would go back for another visit just to see his other work in rotation at the galleries. I gained a new appreciation of Gustav Klimt’s work in person. Stunningly beautiful and exciting. I thought about buying a poster as a souvenir, but they were so disappointing in comparison to the real thing, that I passed on it. It was great to get away and experience a few days of summer as the weather and the city were gorgeous.

Museum quartier, Vienna

Beautiful architecture in Vienna

I thought I would feel reenergized after visiting Vienna to push on until the end of the school year, but instead, I felt tired after months of pushing myself to the limit. As well, I’m not used to the school year being so long, as in Canada we finish for the summer in mid-April, and in Sweden I still had another 6 weeks to go. Of course I still worked, but at a slower pace. And took time to enjoy myself, like at the DJ Jazzy Jeff show at Jönköping’s student bar (awesome show!):

I made it up to Umeå twice this year, once in February, and again in June for the design school degree talks (where Richard Seymour was the keynote speaker!). It was great to see that type of atmosphere again. Sure, it’s a bit dangerous in that you can easily be sucked into being a workaholic, but the level of work is really inspiring! And I miss the work hard / play hard, more social atmosphere a bit. (Wonder how it’ll be in my program next year, now that students from outside the EU are pretty unlikely to apply for Swedish schools due to the start of tuition fees.)

After the degree show in Umeå, returned to Jönköping to clean out my flat (moving to a better location and room next year!), and then spent a few days being spoiled by Per’s parents by lots of delicious food and great Swedish weather. Have more to say, but I should probably update more often, with shorter posts.


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