My “Yearly” Update – 16 months of (near) continuous weekly commuting is over!

Yikes, I am really bad at updating (anyone still reading this thing?). And now I see that all my photos aren’t linking properly either, which I will have to go back to fix :/ I’ve lost a lot interest in updating this blog, I guess mostly because I’m unsure whether anyone is tuning into my updates anymore. When I had my year long trip, at least I knew people were checking in to make sure I was still alive.

My daily life doesn’t feel super interesting to write about. I think it goes with my theory that no matter the circumstances you are in, when you are in it, it feels absolutely normal (even unremarkable, or mundane). But really, looking back on what I’ve done during the last year, I should be more amazed or proud of what I’ve done.

I did my thesis with a high profile Swedish company working alongside designers, getting the opportunity to live in Stockholm for several weeks.

Lunchtime run at work

Was in Paris in the springtime! (ooh la la!)

Got an internship as a product designer at a company that I thought I could only dream of, while also getting to live for free in beautiful Gothenburg during the best time of year.

View from the office in Gothenburg

Finally someone came and visited me in Sweden! It was great to spend time with my sister, showing her what my life is like here. We were able to make more use of the sailboat this year as well.

And we hit up Berlin (the first time for both of us).

Went back to Canada for a short visit, missing loved ones even more. Got my Swedish residence permit approved for another 2 years.

Visited London for the first time, getting to hang with some of my Canadian friends, as well as meet design friends I studied with in Umeå. Have so much nostalgia for the time spent with my old classmates, and am amazed and proud of what they have achieved for themselves in the last 2 years.

In London. Chopped my hair for the first time in 16 years.

Visited my old classmates in Jönköping twice this fall, and also feel happy they are also making progress in their careers.

And after living out of a travelling backpack for 16 months (not to mention the last 4 years), bouncing back and forth between Linköping, Jönköping, Stockholm, Göteborg, spending between 5-12 hours every week on the damn bus, finally living under the same roof as Per. Improved my motion sickness threshhold, as all those hours on the bus I have trained my ability to read on a laptop.

Started an internship at THE company I have been hoping for here in Linköping, and finding the work completely to be what I want to do! (and really hoping I will be hired on longer… fingers crossed) Gave my first presentation completely in Swedish at work (!) Tried curling for the first time with my coworkers, and found it a lot more fun that I expected.

Won 2 contests this year. One for a really nice TV (mainly on luck and Per’s perseverance). The other for 350 euro worth of outdoor merchandise based on a t-shirt I designed for Haglöfs 🙂

Really…  An amazing year when I think about what I had been doing 5 years ago. Though I also feel I have been sacrificing a lot of my health and can no longer keep putting it on the backburner. Over this next year, I will focus on my health, becoming fluent in Swedish, and continuing to improve (and enjoy using) my design skills. Overall, life is good.


One thought on “My “Yearly” Update – 16 months of (near) continuous weekly commuting is over!

  1. Hej! Yeah I haven’t been checking in here for a while, mostly because my own blog activity waned last year. I don’t think people check my blog that often now either, mostly because all my friends are on FB now. Old fashioned blog-hopping is much more fun though, although it is a bit more time consuming than looking at one-liners people post on FB. Blogs are at least an outlet to write, write, write. And you don’t have to worry about not being “exciting”, although I do think you winning 350 euros worth of merchandise is great blog material 🙂 You should write about how you have / decided to optimize the prize… But is the T-shirt design really pixelated? See you around!

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